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Travelers are looking for new, fascinating and unexpected things to do and see, and your local tourism attractions, activities, tours and events are of interest to them.

Introducing TICKITBOOKIT, the ticketing platform built for local tourism experiences just like yours, regardless of size or location.

Reaching a global audience of travelers through the TICKITBOOKIT app, mobile and websites, and through our distribution network of partners and affiliates, TICKITBOOKIT is the first ticketing platform to charge a low commission with no additional fees to our suppliers, plus no booking fees for customers.

In addition, your tickets will also be available on our distribution partners sites and apps, including the FIELD TRIP app - the guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things to do and see in the world, built by Niantic Labs originally for Google.

Through our new partnership with the Field Trip app, details about your business will be pushed to customer’s mobiles when they are nearby, and just as with the TICKITBOOKIT mobile site and app, a TICKITBOOKIT BOOK NOW button will allow the customer to purchase and receive a confirmation immediately.

On all sites, apps and platforms, your tickets will be displayed as bookable products, allowing consumers to purchase tickets immediately and receive a booking confirmation, in any language.

For suppliers who do not have a way for customers to purchase tickets through their own website, a FREE TICKITBOOKIT booking widget is available for integration on your own business site, allowing ticket purchases to be completed with ease.

Furthermore, TICKITBOOKIT offers free integration of the booking widget for all distribution partners and affiliates, allowing them to sell tickets to your attractions and activities to their customers - magnifying the reach of your business.

We have created the TICKITBOOKIT Supplier Application, which will notify you immediately when bookings are made, allowing you to confirm, cancel or clarify instructions to customers directly from the application, if you do not wish to activate automatic, instant confirmation. The Supplier Application will also give you to immediate access to a comprehensive dashboard with an overview of all statistics and revenue data.

Our powerful ticketing platform will help your businesses access a world of customers that previously were beyond your reach, increasing revenue streams as your tickets can be uploaded and sold instantly.

Customers will receive mobile entry tickets which can be verified instantly using the FREE TICKITBOOKIT QR Ticket Reader app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phones, allowing your business to easily and effictively read booking confimations which cannot be replicated or duplicated. Once a ticket is generated and redeemed, it cannot be reused.

The TICKITBOOKIT platform will allow for you to sell tickets for both general admission and assigned seating with ease and immediacy.

You are in control of your own listing, entering information about your business. Your information will be displayed as a full listing, including contact and essential information, pricing, address, email and phone, mapping, photos, and videos, and even soundbites.

There is no easier way for travelers to truly discover and book the cool, unique experiences that you offer– anywhere, anytime – within seconds.

The TICKITBOOKIT mobile app will keep inspiring customers by sending them notifications of activities nearby them by fetching their current location.

With TICKITBOOKIT, you will access new audiences and increase awareness of your business, all for a low, per transaction commission of 15% with no additional fees or hidden costs.

Remember, with TICKITBOOKIT:

  • Suppliers will have access to the FREE and easy to use CAT QR Code Ticket Reader

  • You will become part of a Multilanguage and Multiplatform global brand

  • You have access to the FREE Booking widget for site integration, giving you instant bookings

  • You get an Instant Revenue Stream

  • Your Customers have Instant Purchasing Power with “Skip the Line” Ticketing and Redemption

  • You can sell your Tickets via Social Media

  • …and a straight 15% commission on all tickets sold with no monthly fee.

So, WHY WAIT? Become a TICKITBOOKIT supplier and increase your ticket sales today!

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